Thumbs up to BIG Pants!

As a mum of two little boys it’s only now I realise what a truly unique group of people us mums really are. Life for me is about creating an equilibrium, a natural balance which creates calmness for the family. Sound easy, and maybe it is for some, but being a mum is known to be the equivalent of having 2.5 full time jobs…that is no small task! It’s not surprising our minds boggle when we add cooking, cleaning, childcare, school runs, homework, kid’s clubs, shopping and let’s not forget our own needs and hobbies. It’s so easy to tip that balance – it’s hard at best and always a challenge.

The importance of allowing ourselves time to do what makes us happy is often overlooked. In my humble opinion, this shouldn’t be looked upon as a luxury but as a necessity – time out to run, read, paint, bake, sew, garden…whatever it takes to recharge those batteries and sustain optimal function.  If only we didn’t need to justify ‘doing something for ourselves’ and were comfortable to let the job list grow.

With this in mind I decided that happiness and family time needed to be my centre point. This requires focus and the ability to filter and block out external noise we can all so easily get sucked into, especially through social media.

So, where do the BIG pants come in? Well, for me they are never far away, they give me courage to do the things I fear or anything that pulls me away from my mumsie comfort zone. These pants provide me with the support (literally) to take the first baby steps into the unknown where lie the greatest risks but also the biggest rewards and satisfaction.

This is why I decided to take the plunge and start my own business as a Personal Trainer & Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist. Whatever the business outcome I have taken the leap of faith, grabbed the bull by its horns and will continue on this journey as far as possible or until I lose my BIG pants!

I don’t expect it to be easy, pretend to be perfect or offer services that will blow your mind away. I do know I have studied hard, have the specialist knowledge to help ladies and pre and postnatal mums and will give my full support and guidance to those who want to makes changes. I can’t do the work for you but I can 110% put together a unique and beneficial program to suit YOU, your lifestyle and fitness level. Often the best progressions come after going back to basics and rebuilding core foundations. Then the dynamic magic can really transform you if you let it! I hope my services will serve/help/reduce/resolve many things and that’s why I believe the journey I’m about to embark on is one of the best things I’ve ever done and the scariest…but aren’t they always?