Client SUCCESS….6 Months with a 5th Decader

Lady X being one of my first clients came to me desperately wanting to lose abdominal fat and get into back into a stunning Karen Millen dress for a wedding in May. With short, medium and long-term goals agreed it was time to get to work.

Lady X had always taken her fitness for granted due to an agricultural and active lifestyle. She had never really had to diet, so hitting her 50’s was a shock. Somewhat in denial she had put on a stone and a half whilst being a bewildered bystander. Add in a couple of injuries limiting her movement she was feeling despondent.

‘Hearing other (old!) women say how their body had suddenly become a stranger to them I honestly didn’t think it was ever going to happen to me. And when it did I didn’t know where to start to get back in shape’.

Lady X admits having always been ‘allergic’ to the gym, (not wanting to wobble her bits or puff and pant in public!) which led her down the on-line programme route to exercise. Although helping she struggled with reoccurring niggles and injuries, largely due to poor technique.  Plus, on-line instructors aren’t there to notice if you’re not putting in 100%!

Lady X has worked incredibly hard over the last 6 months, committing to 1:1 PT twice a week for both tailored cardio & strength based exercise. Additional HIIT sessions and clean eating has also accelerated her progress. She has now dropped 2 dress sizes, lost 3 ½ inches from her middle and over 2 inches from her waist. Photos below.

‘Working out regularly with Clare has given me back my strength, physical confidence and improved my posture beyond expectation. She has worked and subsequently defined my muscles in places I couldn’t even imagine and I am suddenly becoming vain about my physical shape – a totally new experience – I now have arm definition and abs for the first time ever’.

I haven’t paid so much attention to my weight although I’m now within 4 lbs of my goal. The scales are no longer my main success marker though as seeing the tape measure round my waist measure 29″  for the first time in a decade is something I’m not giving up lightly. I swear I am at my best overall fitness and strength ever, I doubt I could outsprint my younger self but I could certainly outlift my earlier version, and I have the flattest stomach I have ever had. I would say to anyone, female or male, that it is not only achievable to regain your previous fitness and shape BUT it is totally possible to exceed it. Even in your 5th decade!

So, this is what it’s all about, being the best YOU can be. Feeling fitter, stronger, healthier, happier, radiating with confidence and learning to love yourself and your NEW body from the inside out. It takes hard work, commitment & dedication but if you want it enough…GO GET IT (with or without my help!)