Wedding Ready

This young and very determined lady started training with me early January 2020. Her why, to lose ‘back fat’ (her words, not mine) so she could fasten up her wedding dress without a struggle and loss of breath!

We should have had 15 weekly 1:1 PT sessions but Covid-19 put a stop to face to face training 10 weeks in. Her training primarily focused on upper body strength and conditioning, medium to heavy weights with high rep counts. I targeted the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, deltoids, rhomboids and rector spinae plus core work to improve her stability. Some days she arrived exhausted but still came and completed each session with purpose. To my surprise never letting extra rep counts go unnoticed!

Weekly strength & conditioning, joining my 9-week C25K program plus completing 2 additional homework runs has started to transform her body in this short timeframe. Consistency and dedication got results and is proven here. Well done this lady! Just gutted Covid-19 meant wedding postponement but selfishly delighted you will be continuing your fitness journey with me. Lifestyle changes in progress, credit to you for taking the first steps.

Pre PT – December 2019
Post PT, 10 weeks training – March 2020