September is the New January

I always see September as a new beginning – stems from my school days when I went back with a new pencil case, bag and school shoes!

School holidays (far from relaxing as you try to juggle work, children, activity camps, play dates and seek every and any kind of entertainment going!) are over, there is a morning chill in the air and the nights are slowly drawing in. It’s time to get back into routine, regain focus and carve out some time for yourself. Health and wellness is always high up on my agenda. Is it for you?

Maybe for newer mum’s this is the time you can and will be going off for your holidays, taking a step back, relaxing and giving yourself a little TLC?

What is your New Focus?

Is it time to get fitter, stronger and leaner before Christmas! Sorry to mention ‘Christmas’ but it’s less than 16 weeks away so it had to happen at some point. Party season, delicious calorific treats, mulled wine, mince pies…they aren’t far off (did anyone else just gain a few pounds just thinking about this?!) With this is mind LET’S GET MOVING and see what we can achieve in the coming months.

Join me for Personal Training, BuggyBeat, Couch to 5k or Group Circuits (coming soon, watch out for Facebook announcements)

Whatever you decide to do, plan it so you can look forward to putting yourself 1st for a while!

Have a fun, happy and positive Autumn.

Clare x