Struggling to get your 5 a day? Not now your not!

As we are fast approaching the colder months I start to move away from salads to warming soups and stews. The slow cooker has come out of hiding and is now ready for frequent use.

Soups are easily refrigerated or frozen and often improve in flavour if allowed to settle for a day or two. The warm liquid can help control your blood pressure and keep your body feeling full for longer between meals. Common health-boosting soup ingredients include alliums like garlic and onions, ginger, mushrooms, culinary herbs and miso. Today my sous-chef and I came up with this crowd pleaser, packed full of natural goodness.

Green Health Boosting Soup;

2 x white onions

3 x celery stalks

1 x broccoli tree (often confused with a lolly-pop to a 2yr old!)

6 x handfuls of freshly chopped greens

2 x gloves of garlic

Grated ginger

350ml Greek yogurt to thicken (optional)

1 1/2 liters of vegetable stock

Salt & pepper

Chop, saute vegetables, add stock, boil, simmer and your done. It couldn’t be simpler. If your a fancy pants you could even have a go at making your own Focaccia Bread too.