Oxford Half Marathon – Walker to Runner!

Struggling with her running Sarah contacted me in July for some general advice and support. She had a desire to run but no experience or knowledge of how to structure her sessions to maximise her success. She had entered the Oxford Half Marathon in Oct and wanted to walk/run her way round without injury.

Initially we had 30min 1:1 sessions every fortnight for the first 2 months. Sarah also completed my structured running plan in between. At the beginning she started with 4-6mins of jogging with a 2–3-minute rest. This was a tough challenge but not for long. Sarah stuck to her plan like glue! Running on holiday, rarely missing a session, and prioritising her recovery days know understanding their importance to her performance.

During September Sarah & I ran together weekly as she endurance & recovery times had dramatically improved, now able to run for 60mins without stopping & enjoying the green space & solitude running gives.

Fast forward to Sunday 15th October & Sarah has her first race medal! She stuck to the walk/run plan but after she had run 10k, a distance was thought was truly unobtainable just 3 months prior. What an incredible achievement and one I have no doubt she will build on. I have a feeling this is just the start of her running journey. Well done!

If you need help with your running please get in touch to discuss, clare@coreprogress.co.uk